Leisure Employment Australia

Leisure Employment Australia specialises in the employment of school based traineeships in the sport and recreation industry. Our traineeships are focused around the needs and interests of senior high school students who are eager to begin their careers, while developing workplace experience and valuable skill sets for their futures. As a brand, Leisure Employment Australia is relatively new, however our renowned traineeship programs have been around for many years. The first school based traineeship program began in 2014 at the BlueFit managed Hurstville Aquatic Leisure Centre. Consisting of just 5 trainees, this program was implemented to address a skill shortage in the industry. Now, the LEA School Based Traineeship is the largest and most successful school based traineeship program in sport and recreation throughout New South Wales and nationally, we employ over 110 students working as lifeguards, swim teachers, sport coaches, receptionists and café assistants. We pride ourselves on our outstanding structure and welfare systems, that focus on supporting each of our trainees as they navigate their way through their traineeship journey to achieve successful completion. Visit leisureemployment.com.au